Mari-Lou Nidle founded InHouse Media & Marketing in 2003, after years working with advertising agencies at a media corporation. Having worked on both the buyer and supplier side of media she believed there was a need for a small agency that specialized in advertising but had a holistic approach to business strategies.

Many agencies focused on creative and the associated awards it brought them. Acknowledging that strong creative was important, she set about starting a firm that specialized in assisting businesses to align their marketing and corporate goals, and educating business leaders to research their markets and measure their media for consistent success. (She spent a lot of time getting clients to look at the spreadsheets as much as the creative)!

Fast forward to 2015, and with the plethora of analytics and metrics available to measure just about everything, Mari-Lou is seeing business leaders pouring over their spreadsheets and dashboards until they get “Marketing Anxiety”. The re-launch of the InHouse Media + Marketing website in 2015 is to announce our expanded team of strategists and specialists who can alleviate your “Marketing Anxiety” by providing stress-free marketing + media solutions according to your needs and budget …. so you can concentrate on y(our) wonderful creative!


The InHouse team was brought together by a shared vision of core values. Every member works and lives by a simple set of principles and the desire to do well, by doing good.

  • We always treat others as we wish to be treated. Integrity and trust is foremost, and is the primary reason we get repeat business from our clients (second is really good work!)
  • We understand that the success of YOUR business makes us successful. We believe successful businesses balance purpose, people and profit – yours and ours. Each of these factors are considered within every campaign.
  • We practice sustainable and social marketing – give more than you take. Our team members are extremely active with projects and issues that deal with environmental and social responsibility in our community.
  • Relationships are at the core of who we are – as people and organizations. Therefore, we foster a work
    environment that strengthens relationships amongst all our stakeholders and
    addresses your needs, your customers, our employees and their families.

Laugh lots, have fun, respect...our motto to working hard and living well!


We attribute a lot of our longevity to our ability to balance wisdom and leading edge thinking in everything we do – from integrating traditional to digital media and from pairing senior team members with rising stars. The members of our senior strategy team have worked on projects with Mari-Lou over a twenty year span – obviously we work well together and therefore we provide reliable, consistent results and tried and true processes. We are agile and can quickly scale to accommodate large projects by having many industry and academic connections from which to draw partners, junior team members and interns. We have long-standing relationships with many suppliers and welcome new ones, and we always compare and negotiate media for our clients.

We know marketing – so that you can know your business.

We love what we do and look forward to assisting you!


Our communal office and client meeting place is located in an 1897 restored heritage house in the historic neighborhood of Queens Park in New Westminster (the most central municipality in the Lower Mainland). To live by our environmental and sustainable work values, and not transfer operational costs to our clients, we all have virtual offices at home and commute to our (or client’s) offices when needed.

The Right Audience, the Right Place, with the Right Message


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