Want branding with a personality? Take Three Big Steps.

A strong brand is not only seen, but experienced Let’s talk branding. One of my favourite brands is Saje Natural Wellness. From the second I first stepped inside the store—experiencing the aura, the store design, the earthy tones—I understood this company believed in healing through wellness. Every product they sell measures up to their promise. […]

Media Strategists – Masters of Time, Space and Dimension

Media planners & buyers are masters of knowledge not just on knowing what is the best platform for you to advertise your product or service, but also on knowing the right size – dimension, placement – space and even what time would be the best for your ad to be seen (be it digital, print […]

Ready for a Change? Web Audit Checklist for a Website Makeover

This is a good list to go through if you are looking at designing a new site, getting a make-over or switching to a content management system. The Visible Part of Your Website Does your home page grab attention? Is your navigation simple and intuitive? Is the design visually easy to follow? Is the site […]

Going Live With Your Website: What’s Involved?

Are you wondering what going live means? Your website (which is made up of a bunch of files) is hosted on a server somewhere through a hosting company (like bluehost) where you have a hosting package. You also have a domain (i.e., www.example.com) that you registered with a domain register. This can be with your […]